Case Studies

Anna Garrett
Teaching blind children, India
Type 1 Diabetes
Project Trust

Grace Law
Teaching: primary and university, Chile
Oyster Worldwide

Rosie Bancroft
Conservation work in Game Park, South Africa
Lower leg amputee
African Conservation Experience

Jasmine Chopra
Rural construction and community work, Costa Rica Raleigh International

Zanna Messenger-Jones
Childcare with disadvantaged community, Ecuador
Profoundly deaf
Outreach International

Tyler Stutzman
Sports coaching, Peru
Projects Abroad

Callum Russell
Music teaching, community work, Peru
Blind from birth
Quest Overseas

Ben Weeks
Defence technology company
The Year in Industry 

Hannah Dunton
Volunteering in rural communities, Venezuela
The Leap

Rachel Bermingham
Wildlife & horseback projects, South Africa
Asperger’s and Tourette Syndrome
African Conservation Experience

Lucy Caton
Conservation and construction work, Ecuador and Galapagos
The Leap

Sally Cervenak
Teaching in rural boarding school, Kenya
Bipolar II and Anorexia
Africa & Asia Venture

Charlie Lane Fox
Art history courses, Italy
Art History Abroad

Emma Walton
Care work with young adults, UK
Cerebral Palsy
Volunteering Matters

Elinor Raeside
Community and medical work, Ghana

Clare Deal
Teaching: English, French and Sport, Vanuatu (Pacific island)
Lattitude Global Volunteering

Thomas Howell
Support for pre-primary children, Sri Lanka
Autism and Cerebral Palsy
Projects Abroad

Josef Baines
Reflections of a Gap Year Traveler